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<p>Most of our metal buckles are made by die struck brass or die casted zinc alloy. Spin casted pewter is also applicable by special requests. Die struck brass, although is more expensive than zinc alloy material, still beloved by some customers because of heavier in weight and more robust than zinc alloy, no chances of a break. Zinc alloy buckles are featured in affordable unit price and suitable for fully relief designs.</p> <p>Belt buckles can be filled with colors (imitation hard enamel or soft enamel colors) or without colors, designed in 2D flat or 3D cubic, punched with empty holes or produced with various finishing (bright, antique, satin or two tone), a wide variety of manufacturing techniques can be applied.</p> <p>Our belt buckles is an enduring piece of art which commemorate your company or career, preserve a memory, or make your own superhero logo. We can take your simple sketch and turn it into quality buckle, we are confident to create a buckle that you will be proud to wear for decades.</p>