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<p>Made of environmental protection PVC material, these soft coasters are bendable and incredibly resistant to damage. Customized sizes, shapes, colors, 2D, or 3D logos are all accessible. Our specially designed PVC coasters are a fun and unexpected giveaway item that is sure to catch your recipients&#39; attention. These make great giveaway items at trade shows, conventions, and promotional events like tailgate parties, barbeques, dinners, fundraisers, and more. Make your design come to life with options to raise it to 2D, 3D, or varied textures.</p> <p>Specifications<br /> Liquefied PVC in different colors is applied by syringe into silicone molds<br /> Flexible PVC is soft and has the feel of rubber<br /> Each item is lightweight and will retain its shape and not distort or break<br /> Custom logos can be 2D or 3D<br /> Common size is between 70mm ~120mm<br /> MOQ is 100pcs per design<br /> &nbsp;</p>