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<p>Our Double Layers Lanyards come in a wide selection of styles and colours. Your design is shown on the top layer and stitched onto a polyester base layer to make it strong and elegant. The all-over printing on the lanyard could easily grab others&#39; attention and boost your brand awareness while being used at your corporate event, exhibition, music event, festivals or promotional trade show.</p> <p>Haijet is a professional OEM manufacturer for lanyards, especially for custom made Double-layered lanyards. We provide 3 different kinds of double-layered lanyard. Base layers are always made of flat polyester and top layer can be categorized in fine woven, satin with silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing. Double layers lanyards are luxury look, an unique yet popular choice for customers who prefer an elegant and professional look of their lanyard.<br /> &nbsp;</p>