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<p>Metal trolley coins/ tokens have evolved to various materials with different production ways. Conventional trolley coins are made of die struck iron with soft enamel colors filled on both sides, and always polished on three sides. Later we provided trolley coins made of zinc alloy with enamel colors or without, suitable for coin design with hole punched. Aluminum and stainless steel made caddy coins rolled out only within recent years because of lower cost, lightweight and no polishing, no plating. As sterling Pond trolley coins getting popular, we developed aluminum printing decal stuck on both sides, the best way to show full colored logos precisely. Send your logos for trolley tokens, and leave the rest to our sales team, we are sure to offer you the quality coins with costs matched your budget.</p> <p>Trolley tokens are easy to hand out to shoppers at various events and are always well received. Screen printed, die stamped, or enamel colors filled, branded trolley tokens come in a wide range of styles to suit any business or advertising requirement.</p> <p>Except for custom made trolley coins, we also prepare trolley coin key holders made of zinc alloy and trolley coin stick keychains made of aluminum material. Both are existing molds for your options.</p> <p>Specifications<br /> Metal Trolley Coins: Die stamped iron, zinc alloy, caddy coin, aluminum, or stainless steel.<br /> Trolley Coin Key Holder: Made of zinc alloy material and available for coin sizes of 1 Euro / 50 Euro &amp; 1 Pound, please specify clearly the currency of your coins for right model.<br /> Trolley Coin Stick Key Ring: Made of aluminum material in open shapes. Custom logos can be epoxy sticker, silkscreen printing or laser engraving.</p>