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<p>Custom metal logos can be made of hard enamel, imitation hard enamel, brass soft enamel, iron soft enamel, printed logo, zinc alloy, or pewter, as many choices as lapel pins. To minimize the total weight of tie bars, metal logos are usually designed within 1 inch, perfect size soldered on various tie bars. If your logo is extra-large, we have specific types of tie bars for application.<br /> We provide about a dozen existing tie bars for options, and metal logos will be soldered on tie bars before electroplating for keeping the same tone of finishing</p> <p>Specifications<br /> We have various standard tie clips to choose from<br /> # 105/ #106/ #107/ #108 / #109/ #110/ #111 / #112 are the types with front bar, custom logos can be fixed on these front bars directly.<br /> Laser engraving requested on tie bar directly is available.<br /> No. 1, No. 2 and No.3 are special type clips with no metal bar, so custom logos are usually designed as a bar shape, so we can solder the metal bars with our fittings of No. 1/ No. 2 or No. 3.<br /> Custom Logos can be made by hard enamel/ imitation hard enamel/ copper soft enamel/ iron soft enamel/ printing logos/ zinc alloy or pewter material.</p> <p>Personalized Tie Bars &amp; Cufflinks Set<br /> Choosing from our various existing tie bars, it is an easy way to create your own tie clips. Ti Bar finishing color can be gold, nickel or antique finishing matches your custom made emblems. The same logo emblem can be soldered on cufflinks, money clips or lapel pins to be other functional souvenir items or a gift set.<br /> &nbsp;</p>