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<p>Custom money clips are excellent business gift ideas as well as corporate gifts. Your business name or logo can be engraved on money clips directly or be made of an emblem and stuck on money clips, either way brings luxury look and helping you to advertise your business; increasing the reputation of your business and making great contacts along the way.</p> <p>We have 5 open designed money clips for you to choose from, made of brass material with good elasticity and resilient, you can create your own shape or size with brass or stainless steel, however custom made design will generate mold charge. Send your inquiries about money clips and we will always fulfil your needs.<br /> Specifications<br /> 5 standard fittings for options<br /> #102; #104, #103, MC-01 &amp; MC-02 as below photos<br /> Custom logos can be made by hard enamel; imitation hard enamel; die struck soft enamel; photo etched soft enamel; die struck copper or brass without coloring; iron soft enamel; silkscreen printing or offset printing ways.<br /> It also can be made by pewter or zinc alloy if designs with fully cubic.<br /> Custom logos shall be glued on standard fittings.<br /> &nbsp;</p>