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<p>Premium quality military buttons are great to be sewn onto uniform jackets or costumes. Either retro or modern designs, we can carry your elegant style and create the buttons exactly the way you want it. Our factory is specialized in manufacturing brass and zinc alloy buttons with metal shanks. They are durable and finished with appealing 2D or 3D designs. Existing designs are available for your option, custom designs are welcome as well. A wide range of finishes (electro-platings) can be provided to show different effect that suit your needs.</p> <p>Specifications<br /> Available material: Brass, zinc alloy or pewter.<br /> Logo: By stamping, spin casting or die casting.<br /> Finish: Various finishes are available - gold, nickel, bronze, copper, black nickel or antique finishing are all workable.<br /> Packaging: Bulk packed or mounted on card or gift box package are all available by request.</p>